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Kelpie Eater (w/video!) (NBY, 12/12/26)

This is my take on Powder Eater, mixing blue for the power of Kelpie and Poseidon.

1 Brass Idol
3 Gelatinous Wall
1 Kelpie
2 Poseidon
1 Rahab
4 Powder Eater

4 Aura Blade
3 Counter Amulet
2 Gaseous Form
3 Storm Armor

2 Anti Magic
2 Chariot
4 Fat Body
2 Find
2 Holy Word 0
2 Land Protection
4 Mutation
2 Relief
2 Spirit Walk
2 Telegnosis
2 Wind of Hope

Powder Eater is a ST=1 HP/MHP=1 creature. On the surface, it's weak, but it has a nifty ability - when you move it, it makes a copy. Why make a 1/1 copy? You wouldn't. Use cards like Fat Body (ST-20 MHP+20), Mutation (MHP +20, gives creature Poison) to pump them up! There are many ways to run PE books, and this is how mine works.

Poseidon gives HP+20 to defending creatures in battle, Rahab gives HP+10 to blue and yellow creatures. If you have both out on the field, each PE gets +30 in battle.

You can do so much with Powder Eater, like attack. How do you attack you may ask when your creature has ST=0? Aura Blade.

Aura Blade - ST+ (MHP value). What this does is, when you attack with, let's say a 61 HP Powder Eater (remember it starts off at 1 and we add in intervals of 20) Aura Blade turns the attack to what your HP is. So a 0/61 PE becomes 61/61 in battle (if you use the Aura Blade. A 100HP Powder Eater (100 is the highest MHP you can have, so if your PE was 81 and you add another 20 it only adds 19) will be a 100/100 with Aura Blade out.

Storm Armor - first, HP+ number of Water creatures in play x10, and second, ST+ number of Air creatures in play x10. If you have 7 Powder Eaters in play in battle you can attack for 70 - the more PE's you have in play, the more damage you can do.

Poison - from Mutation, this one card can hurt you good. It makes it so that the creature takes additional damage at the end of battle. But there are ways around this. First a creature can only have one enchantment on it at a time. How to get around the damage from Poison? Two cards: Spirit Walk and Relief.

First, note that if you get rid of Poison, the MHP+20 that you got from Mutation stays on.

Relief - swap two creatures you control from their lands. If you wanted to swap a Gelatinous Wall with Kelpie (Let's say Jelly Wall is on a level 3 Water land and Kelpie is on Air), just Relief them around. When you Relief a creature, the only thing that it changes is enchantments come off. So, if someone paralyzed your creature, or Poison on your Powder Eater. Relief them to a new land and the enchantment comes off.

Spirit Walk - the star of the show (as far as spells goes) Enchantment that lets you move a creature to any vacant land. So let's say you can move a Powder Eater (without Spirit Walk) you might be able to move it to a land next to it. But with Spirit Walk on it, you can move it anywhere, you can (I've done this) move it to a spot that has more than one vacant land in a row, so when you move past it on your next turn you can move it again. I show an example of it in the video guide.

While Powder Eater does its job of becoming huge, and spreading its clones everywhere, Kelpie is becoming a killer in the night. Kelpie stops all Cepters besides user if it's placed on a Water land. Kelpie on a level 4-5 land with let's say 3+ Water lands owned (Land Chains give bonus to toll fees) this is where you can rack up the Manna. Kelpie forces them to stop on him and as long as you have an item (I try to save the Counter Amulets for him) he wont take damage at all, and you can use Holy Word 0 to make them land on him again.

I've won matches with both Powder Eaters being the heavy hitters and with Kelpie. I like using Kelpie more because it adds slowing since they can't skip past you, and it adds huge toll fees to your opponent. Make sure to Land Protect Kelpie as soon as it's on a level 3+ land. Don't want the AI giving him a nasty trick like Senility or something of that nature.

Possible changes?

+1 Kelpie
-1 Rahab

While the HP+10 boost in battle is nice for Water and Air creatures, having a second Kelpie adds more odds to getting it down quicker.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

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Last Updated on Monday, 11 September 2017 10:33

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