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Stop N Pay (w/video!) (B, 14/10/26)

2 Ahuizotl
4 Gelatinous Wall
1 Kelpie
2 Poseidon
1 Rahab
2 Swamp Spawn
2 Wall of Ice

2 Diamond Armor
4 Storm Armor
4 Water Shield

2 Anti-Magic
4 Fat Body
2 Find
4 Haste
4 Holy Word 0
2 Land Protection
2 Relief
2 Wind of Hope
2 Word of Recall

The object of Stop N Pay is to make manna as fast as you can and deprive your enemy of manna just as quick. This is a defensive style book, you will hardly, if ever, attack anyone. I've used this book for some time and maybe I've attacked three times?

The goal is to get a Kelpie on a level 4 or 5 land and use Land Protection on it as quick as you can. Even a Kelpie on level 3 with more than two water territories owned will make the toll pretty decent.

Poseidon and Rahab are great for HP boosts during battle, Poseidon gives HP+20 and Rahab gives HP+10 to B and Y creatures. Having both of them out = each of your water creatures in battle get a bonus HP+30 boost.

Gelatinous Wall is a nice creature and helps you earn manna quick. Each time it takes damage in battle, if it survives you get x5G magic. For instance, if it takes 40 damage, you earn 200G from that one attack. Faustina in my Episode 27 Let's Play took so much damage and survived she earned 475G from the attack. Do note that if you reflect or neutralize the attack you don't earn the bonus, so be sure to save the Storm Armor and Diamond Armor for Gelatinous (Jelly) Wall.

Fat Body isn't really needed. It was from a time when I was using Quicksilver to transform into which ever creature had the highest MHP. However, I now use Fat Body on Jelly Wall. You see, Fat Body gives MHP+20 and ST-20, so Jelly Wall becomes a ST=0, HP/MHP=70, and if you have Poseidon and Rahab in play, the AI needs to do more than 100 damage to take it out, and that's not including the HP boosts from your land level if it's the same type as Jelly Wall. On a level 5 land, a stock Jelly Wall (no Fat Body) will be at 130HP in battle. Max out the Wall's HP and you're looking at 180HP.

Relief is used for one of a few reasons. If you swap creatures, any enchantment they have comes off, so if someone put Senility or some other nasty enchantment, you can remove it easily. Another reason is to get Kelpie on a Water land. Got a level 3+ Water land with Jelly Wall on it and a Kelpie on the board? Swap them around. I've also used this approach to swap Kelpie into big Water lands as the AI moves around. They hit Kelpie in one area, I relief it into the other big Water land they're about to get towards.

Quick note about Word of Recall: You can use it to get yourself to the castle, which is great if you passed the forts and want to be at the castle now, or if your opponent didn't pass the last fort yet, you can send them to the castle and make them take longer in lapping.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 07 September 2017 13:39

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