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Insanity (NRBGY, 22/9/19)

To celebrate Culdcept Revolt's upcoming release in the West, here's the last of my favorite Culdcept Saga decks, Insanity!

3 Baldanders
3 Doppelganger
3 Shapeshifter
3 Tokebi
3 Quicksilver
2 Hypno Sloth
2 Lichenoid
3 Spectre

1 Boomerang
4 Spectre's Robe
4 Spiked Shield

2 Chariot
3 Crusher
3 Fame
2 Find
3 Gift
2 Paralyzer
2 Refuge
2 Relief

I've always been fond of random effects in Culdcept, so I built a deck full of random stuff to have fun with. After a few years' worth of modifications - and many, many ridiculously fun matches - it has evolved into the effective catch-all rainbow deck you see here. There's very little it can't handle, but like any chaos deck, if the random effects don't go your way, you'll have a very hard time winning with it. But when they do go your way, though... look out!


Baldanders, Doppelganger, Shapeshifter, Quicksilver, Spectre - These 5 bring the insanity to the match. Baldanders, Doppelganger and Spectre do their business in-battle. Use Shapeshifter to get something awesome on the map, and use Quicksilver to clone it early and often.

Tokebi, Hypno Sloth, Lichenoid - Tokebi to liquidate anything that's vulnerable before somebody takes it, Sloth to push people onto your high tolls, and Lichenoid to pump your random acquisitions up and help Quicksilver morph more effectively. All 3 are Immediate, which helps speed everything up.


Boomerang - I could see 2 of these in the deck, to be honest. All 3 of the creatures with in-battle effects benefit greatly from its +20/+10, especially Doppelganger.

Spectre's Robe - A surprisingly fierce combo with Baldanders most of the time, and you can almost hear your opponent cringe when Spectre wears it.

Spiked Shield - Because 2 creatures heal fully when they morph back at Battle End and another has an ST&HP= ability in battle, all they have to do is survive the battle, even if it's with a mere 1HP. Spiked Shield turns everything into Spiny Agamas... and if you get something like Brontides out of Shapeshifter, halving the incoming damage makes him extremely difficult to deal with.


Crusher, Paralyzer, Chariot, Relief - The mix-and-match Doublecast combo buffet. Move things around as needed, take vulnerable lands with ease, get rid of threats and shake off any annoying enchantments. Also, Chariot and Relief both recycle to book, so you get a lot more use out of them than the 4 card slots they take up. Just be sure not to get stuck in a draw-loop at the end of your shuffle!

Fame, Gift, Refuge - These keep the mayhem coming by keeping the G flowing in. Use Fame with the great land-holders that Culdra blesses you with, and use Refuge to turn unneeded cards into G. Gift is always good for a quick 50G, which in this deck is usually enough to do what needs doing.

Find and Gift - Just the right amount of additional card-drawing power to ensure you have what you need in hand as often as possible.

Possible changes:

Dragon's Egg - This actually was in the deck once upon a time. It works really well with Quicksilver, but I felt it was a little too easy and safe, since a random dragon is still a dragon. IVIad IVIaxx called that version "The House Always Wins". Haha.

Protean Ring - Give Baldanders' ability to every creature you have. It's very fun, but I felt it made the deck too random and didn't add enough strength.

Metamorphose Belt - Turn anything into a very fierce Attacks First problem. This is great fun with the in-battle random creatures, because it doesn't matter what they turn into - you still get a grasshopper.

Polymorph and Wall Transform - Give yourself a second chance if Shapeshifter lets you down, and/or deal with problem creatures on the map.


Insanity is pretty simple - and fast. You don't have any prereqs to slow you down, and everything is very inexpensive. Do your best to get something awesome out of Shapeshifter, clone it, swap them somewhere difficult and level them way up. Use everything else to support that and to take full advantage of any opportunities that present themselves.

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

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Culdcept Saga


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