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While Culdcept Saga is a bit more fussy than most Xbox 360 games when it comes to maintaining a connection, the single biggest cause of disconnects (in my opinion) is incorrect port forwarding on a router. The following ports need to be forwarded to your Xbox 360 console's IP address for your Xbox Live connection to work properly:

TCP 80
UDP 88
UDP 3074
TCP 3074
UDP 53
TCP 53

Of course, you can also put your Xbox 360 console's IP address in your router's DMZ (which forwards all ports). This is the easiest solution overall.

Also, to ensure that your port forwarding stays setup properly, I recommend assigning a static IP address to your Xbox 360 console (choose Manual setup) in your router and in the Xbox 360's network settings. I have mine set to, which is high enough in the range that it won't conflict with any of your dynamically-assigned devices, and .60 so I can remember it easily. An important note about using a static IP address: Check your Xbox 360's network configuration after a dashboard update, because the updates tend to revert your network settings back to Automatic. Grrr.

How you forward ports and assign a static IP address varies depending on your make and model of router - consult your user's manual and/or the manufacturer's website for instructions.

If forwarding the ports doesn't help, try connecting your Xbox 360 directly to your modem and see if that helps. If that does help, you probably need to get a different router (one that has open NAT - my Belkin N1 is terrific for online gaming).

Happy gaming!

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