How To Get Many Cards Quickly

If you're loving Culdcept, and wishing you could get cards at a rate faster than 9-12 cards per 45 minutes of play, there's an easy solution that can net you upwards of 16 cards per 3-5 minutes of play, including a way to "duplicate" any rare cards you already have a single copy of. Here's how it works: (requires 2 controllers)

1) Load your game, and go to Maintenance, Rule Edit, and create a New Rule with the following modifications:

Capture Cards: 4-4
Total Magic: 1000-99000g
Match Duration: 10-10R
Land Element: de-select everything but the "All (Purple)" box. This way every match will be all purple lands.

Leave the rule edit screen, "Reflect" changes, and Save.

2) Create a 30-card "Dupe" book for getting to 1000G as fast as possible. 10-15 cards should be spells that gain you money or get you back to the castle as quickly as possible. The rest should be cheap creatures of a single color. My deck is 4 Find, 4 Manna, 2 Refuge, and a bunch of cheap yellow creatures: Blitz Ravens, Powder Eaters, Sylphs, Cloud Gizmos, etc - all 30G or less. Save and exit.

3) Create a "dummy Cepter" by starting a new game with some random profile on your Xbox (You can save and exit without having to play a match as this character).

Getting Lots of Cards
1) Start a Versus match between you and the dummy Cepter, hitting Y to load your rules.

2) Pick a map with a high card reward where you can get back to the castle pretty easily. Altar of Light, Altar of Darkness, and Stairway to the Gods are great maps for this purpose.

3) Load yourself and the dummy Cepter (using the second controller), and hit Y to "close the match to new entries"

4) If you have specific rare cards you would like to "duplicate"...
a) Go to Card Exchange. Add any 4 cards you'd like copies of, and "trade" them to the dummy Cepter. You can only give him something he doesn't have any of.
b) When completing the trade, do not save your data, (hit "No" and then "proceed without saving"), and then save the dummy's data.
c) Repeat steps a) and b) until the dummy has all the cards you're interested in duplicating
d) Exit to the menu without saving your data. The dummy now has duplicate copies of your rare cards. now repeat steps 1-3 and proceed to step 5.

5) Select your "Dupe" book and Ready.

6) Edit the dummy's book down to include any of the cards you traded to him for duping purposes. You can have a 30-card deck to increase your odds of winning back a certain card. Save his data, Select his deck, and ready.

7) Start the match! Have your character cast money spells, put down creatures at every chance (which will automatically chain due to the purple lands and your single-color deck), and lap as quickly as possible. You may find that on a bigger map, you can lay down a few creatures and get back to the castle with 1000g, without having to hit all the forts. Have the dummy Cepter simply roll, move, and end turn. Depending on the map, you could win in about 4-6 turns, but the worst case is 10 rounds.

8) After the match, revel in your card reward, and save your data. If the dummy Cepter has won any cards you've never seen before, save his data - otherwise don't. The next screen will show which 4 cards you have "captured" from the dummy's deck (hopefully the rare cards that you recently duped for him). If you saved his data, he will have lost these cards, so you may want to dupe-trade them back to him, but if you didn't save his data, they'll still be in his book for you to capture right away.

9) Now that you're already loaded in the game, you can repeat steps 5-8 over and over again until you're drowning in cards. You will have to back out to the menu if the dummy's book drops below 30 cards, or if you do any new trade-duping.

Wee! You can earn over 200 cards in a single hour doing this, 1/5 of which should be duplicates of your rare cards, and many of which will be new cards you've never seen. The game even guarantees you at least one new card for every 3 consecutive wins, so as your collection starts to fill out, and the rate of new cards slows down, this mechanism protects you from having to "randomly" get something with 400:1 odds.

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