Scrolls, Penetrates, Land Bonus and HP

What is base HP, and how is it different from MHP?

Base HP in Culdcept is the creature's HP that is on the card, the base stock HP. For example, let's look at Minotaur. Minotaur is a Normal rarity Fire creature. Its ST = 40, and its HP (base) = 40. Its MHP is also equal to 40. So, its base HP is 40.

Base HP and MHP are two different stats, MHP can affect the base HP, but not the other way around. MHP or Maximum HP, is the most HP any creature can have normally. This means that the most HP a creature can have (outside of battle) is whatever this stat says. You can raise or lower a creature's MHP, but 100 is the highest you can raise a creature's MHP to.

How does MHP affect base HP? If you increase a creature's MHP, you also increase its HP. If Minotaur took no damage and you increased its MHP by 20, its stats would now be seen as HP:60 MHP:60. Using an item to increase your HP past your MHP in battle will not affect your MHP.

Land Bonus, how it's not really adding HP to your creature

A creature that's on a land of the same element type (Fire creature on a Fire land, Water creature on a Water land, etc.) gets a HP+10 x land level boost in battle.

This boost is only applied during battle, and only if the creature matches the land. So, using our Minotaur example: a Minotaur on a level 1 Fire land receives HP+10 in battle. Level 3 Fire land, gives us HP+30 (Remember HP+10 x land level) all the way to HP+50 for a Level 5 Fire land.

But, this boost is not added to your creature's HP per se. You see, in battle, HP is represented by a green bar, and if the creature is on a matching element land, it has a red HP bar after that. That red bar is your land bonus. Think of this bonus is not adding to your HP, but rather a buffer zone that takes damage first before any other damage that's left goes to your creature.

While it's nice having this extra HP boost, there are ways around it, so you need to be careful.

Remember: green bar = base HP. red bar = buffer HP.

Scrolls and Penetrate attacks, and how Land Bonus means nothing to them

Scrolls, like Penetrates attacks, ignore Land Bonus. They literally "penetrate" the buffer zone and hit your creature's base HP.

This can be bad. If you can't increase your base HP, odds are that your creature dies. Using Minotaur as the target, I'll attack it with an Aqualing. Aqualing is a Normal rarity Water element creature. It has an ST of 20 and an HP and MHP of 30. Now if I normally attack Minotaur on a level 3 Fire land with Aqualing, I would lose and my creature would be destroyed. However if I use a scroll or an item that gives my attack Penetrates (like Drill Lance - ST+20/Penetrates), then I can kill the Minotaur, because Aqualing's ST is now 20 + 20 with Penetrates, ignores the Land Bonus and hits the Minotaur's base HP.

Scrolls don't add to your ST. Rather they change your ST to a stock value. There are two scrolls that the scroll damage increases based on the number of lands you own, but for the most part, scrolls have a fixed ST. Spark Ball is the most well-known scroll in Revolt since you'll see it in the beginning of the game. Its Scroll Attack ST = 40. Any creature that can use a scroll can use Spark Ball to hit a creature's base HP for 40 damage. If used on Minotaur, you can kill it right away.

How to protect yourself from scrolls, and see if your opponent can too

There are a few ways to protect yourself from scrolls and penetrating attacks. You can neutralize or reflect all non-scroll damage (penetrating attacks get blocked) or neutralize or reflect scroll damage - no more scroll threat. You can have a creature that boosts your HP in battle (Boost: HP+x in battle). You can also use an item that increases your HP or if the creature has support, it can use another creature as an item.

If Minotaur had Scale Armor (HP+40), now its HP is 80 and a scroll attack of 40 wont do the job anymore.

Anyway that you increase your HP in battle (increasing the green bar), you add more to your base HP and the less likely a scroll or penetrating attack can kill you in one shot.

Wall of Ice, for instance, auto-adds 20 to its HP in battle, so you would need to do 60 damage with scrolls. Note: if you use Wall of Ice and see a scroll coming your way, make sure you have a tool like Armet. Wall of Ice can't use armor, but Armet is a tool and will increase the Wall's base HP by 40.

To sum up, base HP = green bar in battle, while Land Bonus = red bar (it shows after the green HP if the creature is on a matching land). Scrolls, like Penetrates, ignore the Land Bonus (red bar) and hit the base HP (green bar). If you can increase your base HP in battle, you stand a chance to survive a Scroll or Penetrating Attack. I hope this teaches you how Land Bonuses work, and how they aren't really added to your creature, but used as a buffer zone for your creature in battle.

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