Evo Card Primer

Puppy Dragon (Neutral) Young Dragon (Fire) Assault Dragon (Water) Massive Dragon (Earth) Great Dragon (Air)

Evo Cards are special E cards that you can tailor (within limits) for your purposes. You can include up to two in a book (or two total per alliance). They can be used online except in the Normal/Lite floor (depending on which online lobbies you get).

  • You can acquire a total of five Evo Cards. You acquire one Evo Card each for completing Quest stages 4-4, 4-8, 5-8 and 6-8. You acquire the final one when you collect every card.

  • Their growth level is given by their "Age". They start at Age 0 with 5 SP. When you finish a battle with a breed card in your book, it gains "Age+1" (up to a maximum of 10) which grants +5 SP (up to a maximum of 55).

  • You can alter your dragons by 1) changing their ST and MHP; 2) changing their element; 3) granting them abilities (up to two); 4) adding land requirements or discards to their cost; 5) changing their name. You do these things (except name changing) by using Evo parts that you purchase directly (very few of these) or purchasing Evo parts crates at the shop (analogous to card packs).

  • Dragons are Neutral 0/30 creatures by default. You can change the element to any other, or reset it back to neutral, though it costs SP each time, as noted above. Each part you use has a positive or negative cost associated with it which increases or decreases the summoning cost of the dragon. The final summoning cost of your dragon is then determined by all of the parts added to it.

  • ST can vary from 0 to 80, and MHP from 5 to 80.

  • You have slots for two abilities. The abilities are divided into categories, e.g., During Battle abilities, Defensive abilities, etc., and you can only add one from any category (so you can't have a dragon with "Anti-Spell" and "Immune to Invasion by Creature Movement" as both are Map-type parts). The exceptions are the ST or HP altering parts, and the summoning cost lowering parts. The first ability slot opens at AGE 3, and the second one at AGE 6.

  • Altering your dragon (except its name) requires the SP resource. Every time you add a part it costs SP. For example, the ability part "First Attack" costs 5 SP to add to your dragon and increases its summoning cost by +20G. In return it gains the First Attack ability. Parts consume a fixed amount of SP, except the ST and HP altering parts.

  • For ST altering parts (e.g., ST Up), the SP cost is [Base SP + Current ST/10]. For MHP altering parts (e.g., HP Up), the SP cost is [Base SP + Current MHP/10]-1. For ST&HP altering parts (e.g., Double Up), the SP cost is [Base SP + (Higher of current ST or HP)/10]-1.

  • To remove a part requires you to buy and use a removal part. These cost 0 SP, but the SP consumed to add the part in the first place is lost. Hence, SP is a non-recoverable resource. So if you want to optimize your dragon you should plan it out ahead of time for 1) making changes (like adapting it to your books by changing its element) keeps decreasing your SP and 2) the SP cost of ST and MHP altering parts depends on your current stats.

  • There is a 1-1 correlation between ST and summoning cost adjustment, and a 1-2 correlation between MHP and summoning cost adjustment. That is, every 5 ST costs +5G, and every 5 MHP costs +10G. So, for example, a 40/50 dragon will cost 60G (because it requires ST+20 (+20G) and MHP+20 (+40G) to obtain it from the base 20/30 puppy dragon with 0G cost).

  • There are eight "classes" of dragons. The class determines the basic artwork for the dragon's card, the default card name it has, and how it is announced in battle and is determined by the ST and HP of the dragon. The relationship between ST/HP and the dragon's class is outlined in the chart below this guide. The chart can be translated in the following way:

    • Puppy Dragon - ST:0-55, HP:5-45, ST+HP<=60

    • Young Dragon - ST:0-65, HP:5-65, 50<=ST+HP<=100

    • Massive Dragon - ST:0-35, HP:60-80, 70<=ST+HP<=90

    • Massive Dragon Super - ST:30-55, HP:70-80, 110<=ST+HP<=135

    • Assault Dragon -ST:60-80, HP:5-35, 70<=ST+HP<=110

    • Assault Dragon Super - ST:70-80, HP:30-55, 110<=ST+HP<=135

    • Great Dragon - ST:40-75, HP:40-75, 100<=ST+HP<=140

    • Great Dragon Super - ST:60-80, HP:60-80, 140<=ST+HP

  • The primary way to lower the summoning cost is by adding a land requirement (requires an element) or a discard requirement. You have two slots for these, so you could have a double land requirement, or one and a discard, for example.

  • You can edit your dragon and see how it looks and how much it costs, then use the Home button to exit the game to keep the edits from saving; they only save when you exit the screen. Alternatively, you can use this editor (in Japanese):

  • You can reset your dragon back to Age 0. You will gain Age x 300G and permanently lose every part that was attached to it.

  • Example: Using the parts ST Up, Double Up, Mega Upx2, in that order, will net us an 80/80 Neutral dragon for 37 SP (18 remaining). It will have a summoning cost of 160G. Adding an element (like Fire) costs 2 SP and +30G so it'll now cost 190G to summon and has 16 SP remaining. We then choose to lower that cost by adding a discard requirement (1 SP, -30G) to bring the cost down to 160+[] with 15 SP left. If we want Anti-Spell on it, we have two options: the Anti-Spell part (RARE!, only two ever) is 8 SP, +30G, which would put us at 190G+[] with 7 SP left, or we can opt for the Defensive Anti-Spell instead which is 5 SP, -40G which would put us at 120+[] with 10 SP left. If we chose the latter option, but decide we want a water, rather than fire, dragon, we use the removal part for 0 SP, and then add the Water Element part for another 2 SP which leaves us with only 8 SP left to add a second ability, change the element, etc.

  • In Japan, three special Evo parts were given out as online rewards: 防魔 (Anti-Spell) was the online reward for 24 and 25 December 2016, ブリード無効 (Neutralize: Evo) was the online reward 7-13 July 2017, and ブリード即死 (Instant Death: Evo) was the online reward 4-10 August 2017. If you missed them or used them, there's no way to get them again.

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Evo Card ST/MHP Chart

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