Special Lands and Element Gems

To see every special land included in Culdcept Revolt along with a brief description, follow this link. Some of those descriptions are sufficient to understand how the special land works. Below I'll expand upon some of those descriptions.

Path Switch: Path Switches have two possible states. When a Cepter lands on a Path Switch they can choose to toggle its state. Whatever choice the Cepter makes affects all Path Switches on the map. If not interacted with, all Path Switches will auto-toggle at the beginning of the 5th round after the last round they were interacted with. You are given notice when this will happen: the lights on the switches turn yellow two rounds before they will toggle, and red the round before.

Example: On the second turn of Round 2, someone lands on a switch and leaves it alone. If no one else lands on a Path Switch, the lights will turn yellow at the beginning of Round 4, red at the beginning of Round 5, and toggle to their other state at the beginning, i.e., before the first turn of Round 6.

Siege Tower: When you land here you're allowed to summon a creature to a land or territory as if you ended your turn on it. That means that you can't use the Siege Tower to summon Defensive creatures, but you can invade Land Urchin and Gluey Slug.

Spell Circle: Contrary to what the description says, you can be shown a card that's in your book (unless this was changed in the Western localization, in which case what I say below may not be accurate). You are given a choice of two spells, one from Group A and one from Group B (see below). Regardless of whether you use a spell card, it is removed from the pool. Hence it becomes easier to predict what spells you'll be shown the more Cepters land on the Spell Circle. If there is more than one Spell Circle on a map, then they all share the same card pools.

  • Group A: Escape, Gift, Greed, Growth Body, Spirit Walk, Vitality, Barrier, Purify, Haste, Wind of Hope, Mass Phantasm, Manna, Life Stream, Restore, Revival, Reincarnation

  • Group B: Elemental Wrath, Quintessence, Shatter, Stone Blast, Turn to the Wall, Disease, Drain Magic, Binding Mist, Pacifism, Blackout, Holy Banishment, Holy Word 3, Magic Bolt, Liquid Form, Ray of Law

Card Shop: Here also, in the Japanese version, you can be shown cards from your book. The card pool it draws from is determined by the map. I might edit these map pools in later.

Gem Store: Every time you pass through a Gem Store you'll be stopped and given the option to 1) Buy Element Gems, 2) Sell Element Gems, 3) Steal Element Gems, 4) Do Nothing.

  • You buy or sell Element Gems at a fixed price (their value at the time of purchase/sale). As their value can grow very quickly it is best to buy a lot at once when the value is low (see below). You can buy or sell at most 10 in a single transaction.

  • You steal Element Gems by picking an enemy Cepter and a number of a single type of element gem to steal (up to 10). You pay 1.5x what it would cost to buy the gems (rounded down), but the enemy Cepter only receives 1.0x that cost (Maybe Culdra takes the extra 50% as a transaction fee?). This transaction cannot be refused. Example: You buy 2 Element Gems valued at 55G each from an enemy Cepter. You pay 1.5 x 55G x 2 (rounded down) = 164G to do so. The enemy Cepter only receives 55G x 2 = 110G of this payment, however, and cannot prevent this transaction.

How Element Gems Work

Element Gems exist for the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air). They have a starting value of 50G; their values range from a minimum value of 40G to a maximum value of 300G. A Cepter can hold up to 20 gems per element, and up to 10 can be obtained in one transaction. You total magic coming from gems of a certain element is (# of gems of element) x (value of the element), e.g., if you have 8 fire gems valued at 75G each, then they contribute 600G to your total magic.

Target Element Aligned Element Opposed Element
Fire Earth Water
Water Air Fire
Earth Fire Air
Air Water Earth


Action Gem Value Change
  Target Aligned Opposed
Land number increase due to geography changes +10G +0G +0G
Land number decrease due to geography changes -10G +0G +0G
Land level 1 to 2 +10G +5G -5G
Land level 1 to 3, level 2 to 3 +20G +10G -10G
Land level 1 to 4, level 3 to 4 +30G +15G -15G
Land level 1 to 5, level 2 to 4, level 4 to 5 +40G +20G -20G
Land level 2 to 5, level 3 to 5 +60G +30G -30G
Land level decrease land/territory sale (per level) -10G -5G +5G
Element Gem purchase (at least two, per gem) +5G +0G -3G
Element Gem sale (at least two, per gem) -5G +0G +3G


  • Buying many gems at once rapidly increases their value. For instance, if you buy 10 gems at 50G each, they'll be worth 100G after the purchase! (Spend 500G in magic to gain 1000G in total magic)

  • Likewise, you can buy gems from an element favored by a rival and sell them all when their value increases for a sizable return on investment while damaging the value of the gems and, possibly, their investment.

  • If a high level territory changes hands or becomes vacated, the value of the associated element doesn't change.

  • Even if a spell like Quintessence affects a land, the associated element's value will only change by -10G since it's a geographical loss.

  • Leveling up a land/territory increases the associated element's value by [(final land level) - (initial level)] x (initial level) x 10G. So you maximize the increase in element value by leveling up one level at a time.

  • The table implies that gem values rise faster than they fall.

Challenge: Can you figure out interesting ways "exploit" the gem system for rapid profit? I use one in my favorite book and it can lead to sudden and "unexpected" victories in a single round!

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