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This list draws its information directly from the English release of Culdcept Revolt. If you spot an error, please let us know!

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Spell Spells

Alarm Rare
Removes Fatigued from all creatures owned by the user.
Burning Hail
HP-20 to all and creatures.
Cluster Burst Strange
HP-20 to all creatures of the most numerous element in play. (Including .)
Disaster Rare
HP-30 to all Fatigued creatures with MHP of 50 or more.
Discord Strange
Transforms all of the most numerous kind of creature on the map into Goblins.
Elemental Wrath Normal
HP-20 to all creatures whose element doesn't match the land they're on.
If target Cepter has 2 or more of the same card in their hand, those cards are destroyed. / Synthesis: Spells (Changes target to "all Cepters.")
Flatland Strange
Hidden / If user has five or more level 2 territories, raise each land's level by 1. / If not, Recycles to book.
Freeze Cyclone
HP-20 to all and creatures.
Home Ground
Hidden / If user has 4 or more placed creatures whose element doesn't match the land they're on, the lands will change to match the creatures. / If not, Recycles to book.
Insect Swarm Rare Multi-Flash
HP-20 to all creatures that are not at maximum HP.
Life Stream Normal Multi-Flash
Fully recovers the HP of all creatures owned by the user.
Mass Growth Multi-Flash
MHP+5 to all creatures (up to a max of 100). / Synthesis: Items (Changes target to "all creatures owned by the user.")
Obliteration Rare
All Cepters lose (number of Element Gems owned x70)G. / If there is no Gem Store, all Cepters lose 10% of their current magic.
Purify Normal
Removes all Single-Enchant effects from the map. User then gains (number of different Single-Enchant removed x50)G.
Ray of Law Strange Multi-Flash
Destroys all cards with a value of 100G and up in all Cepters' hands.
Ray of Purge Rare Multi-Flash
Destroys all Single-Enchant spell cards in all Cepters' hands.
Redivision Strange Multi-Flash
Redistributes all Cepters' magic so that it is spread equally among them.

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Card of the Moment

Steal Gem Revolt
User steals one random element gem from target enemy Cepter. / If there is no Gem Store, user will steal 80G from target enemy Cepter.

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