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This list draws its information directly from the English release of Culdcept Revolt. If you spot an error, please let us know!

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Chaos Panic Strange Multi-Enchant
Adds "Reverse Movement" to all Cepters. (On the next turn, all Cepters will move backwards.)
Immobilize Multi-Enchant
Adds "Immobilize" Single-Enchant to all creatures. (Cannot be moved by Territory Commands.)
Mass Phantasm Normal Multi-Enchant
Adds "Nullified HP Effects" Single-Enchant to all creatures. (HP and MHP cannot be altered by spells.)
Pacifism Normal Multi-Enchant
Adds "No Invasions" Single-Enchant to all Cepters. (For 2 rounds, you cannot invade.)
Penalize Rare Multi-Enchant
Adds "Paralysis" Single-Enchant to all Evo Cards. (Can't attack or use items, and abilities do not activate.)
Adds "Poison" Single-Enchant to all creatures. (At the end of a battle, the creature's base HP is reduced by half of its MHP.)
Quietude Strange Multi-Enchant
Adds "Mute" Single-Enchant to all Cepters (Spells cannot be used for one round.)
Tyranny Rare
Adds "Paralysis" Single-Enchant to all creatures with MHP of 30 and under. (Creatures cannot attack or use items and their abilities do not activate.)

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