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Neutral Neutral Creatures

Astral Queen Extra
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:70+Card
Territory (60G): Adds Camouflage to all creatures. / In Battle: HP+ (number of creatures in play x5).
Leoknight Extra
ST:0 HP:40 MHP:40 G:100
Item Limit: Cannot use scrolls
In Battle: ST=(number of territories opponent owns x10). HP=(number of territories user owns x10).
Tetramorph Extra
ST:30 HP:50 MHP:50 G:80+Card
Defensive / Boost: HP-20 to invading creatures. / Territory (50G): Deals 20 damage to target enemy creature whose element differs from its territory.

Item Items

Dragon Helm Extra Tool
Critical Hit: FireAir / Neutralizes: WaterEarth / Immune to Destroy Item and Steal Item effects.
Talisman Extra Tool
Battle Start: Destroys opponent's item. / Neutralizes: All non-scroll attacks. / Battle End: Adds Land Protection to defending creature.

Spell Spells

Darkcraft Extra Multiple-Target Flash
The Cepter possessing the most symbols loses 30% of their most numerous symbol.
Energy Flash Extra Multiple-Target Flash
Destroys all creatures on level 1 territories.
Lightcraft Extra Multiple-Target Flash
All Cepters' books are reverted to the state they were in when the game began. / All Cepters discard all cards from current hand and draw 5 new cards.
Polymorph Extra Single-Target Flash
Transforms target creature into a random different creature.

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Card of the Moment

Peace PS2
Target territory cannot be invaded. / Target territory's toll value becomes 0.

Culdcept PS2/DC


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