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This section showcases all of the Story mode characters' decks in Culdcept DS. Note: The deck titles are translated from Japanese, so they may not be completely accurate. If you spot an error, please let us know.

1 Baltheus Written by Andyman
2 Belkhayr Written by Andyman
3 Goligan Written by Andyman
4 Guldberg Written by Andyman
5 Horowitz Written by Andyman
6 Kou-Tetsu Written by Andyman
7 Miranda Written by Andyman
8 Najaran Written by Andyman
9 O'Riley Written by Andyman
10 Sebastian & Poco-poco Written by Andyman
11 Weyden Written by Andyman
12 Zeneth Written by Andyman / katakuri

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Land Protection DS
Target territory cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities (except those that dispel effects).

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