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What is Culdcept?

Culdcept (カルドセプト Karudoseputo) is a turn-based strategy video game. It has drawn comparisons to other modern strategy titles, and also shares features with non-video games Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering. In Culdcept, the player takes on the role of a Cepter. Cepters are beings that have the ability to use magical cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and perform various other feats of wizardry. As players advance through the game, they earn additional cards that they can use to create customized "books" (decks of 50 cards) with which to better defeat their foes. Although the game is relatively intricate, it slowly nurtures the player through basic game concepts. By acting as an arbiter and automatically enforcing the rules, game complexity is kept to manageable levels. After enough sessions, players should be able to figure out various strategies and be able to effectively practice deck optimization techniques. - Culdcept series overview from Wikipedia

Each game in the series has a unique story, and they're all pretty silly (in a good way). The basic gameplay is the same throughout the series. One huge strength of the Culdcept series is its exceptional balance - every card has a number of counters. Having played all of the games at length, I can say that I consider not a single card to be overpowered. It's remarkable.

Here's a summary:

Culdcept (Saturn) Culdcept Expansion (PS1) Culdcept Expansion Plus (PS1) Culdcept DS
Culdcept (Saturn, 1997) / Culdcept Expansion [Plus] (PS1, 1999, 2000) / Culdcept DS (2008)

The series originated on the Saturn. The PS1 versions feature some card revisions and some more maps. DS is an enhanced version with some extra cards, better game balance, online play and some great downloadable content. All were released only in Japan, though DS did get a great English fan translation.

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In-Battle Combos

Know of a great combo not featured here yet? Let us know in the forum or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

In-Battle Combos are the simplest of all the combos in Culdcept Revolt, and often the most effective. Creature + Item = mayhem.



(all Attacks First creatures not named Nike)

Binding Whip Normal Weapon
ST+30 / Attack Bonus: Paralysis

"Surprise Nike defender. Keeps non-Attacks First attackers from doing anything but watching their master pay the toll." - Russel09



(creatures with Regenerates ability)

Spiked Shield Strange Armor
Reflects: 1/2 of damage received (excluding scroll attacks).

"Bahamut? Tentacles? What's not to love about Knight-errant-style defense that can take a 90ST+ hit without a scratch? (and probably kill the attacker at the same time!)" - Andyman

ST:20 HP:20 MHP:20 G:20
Support: All / Attack Bonus: Steals (damage dealt x2G) magic from opponent.
Death Scythe Strange
ST:70 HP:10 MHP:10 G:15+
Item Limit:
Creature Spell (50G): Evolves into Mummy.

"Invade for a mere combined 35G and steal 180G from your opponent." - Dirk Dorkelson

ST:20 HP:20 MHP:20 G:20
Support: All / Attack Bonus: Steals (damage dealt x2G) magic from opponent.
Tonfa Strange
Attacks twice.

"Especially with an ST assist, plenty of money could be stolen." - DeathMinnow

Cait Sith Fire
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50
Land Limit: Cannot be placed on Water
Cannot be targeted by spell effects. / Neutralizes: Attacks from creatures with ST of 40 and up.
Buckler Normal Armor
Neutralizes: Attacks from creatures with ST of 30 and under.

"I am invincible!!! (except for scrolls)" - Whooh05

Centaur Air
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:80
Attacks First / Battle End: Items equipped recycle to user's book.
Stormcauser Rare Weapon
ST+60 / HP-30

"It's the gift that keeps on giving." - Whooh05

Gas Cloud Normal Fire
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:45
Item Limit: Cannot use armor
Neutralizes: 1/2 of damage received (excludes scroll attacks).
Knight-errant Rare
ST:40 HP:30 MHP:30 G:60+
Synthesis: , Evolves into Armed Paladin. / Reflects: 1/2 of damage received (excludes scroll attacks).
Magus's Mirror Strange Tool
HP+20 / Reflects: Scroll attacks.

"This combo has two elements: 1) Protects 30HP creatures from scrolls. 2) Your opponent has to produce between 100ST-200ST to kill this creature depending on the level of the land. 120ST-220ST if Brontides is present." - Russel09

Gelatinous Wall Strange
ST:10 HP:50 MHP:50 G:30
Land Limit: Cannot be placed on Fire
Item Limit:
Defensive / Battle End: User gains (damage received x5G) magic (excludes scroll attacks).
Diamond Armor Strange Armor
Attacks Last / ST-30 / HP+60

"After taking one look at the Wall's ability, common sense would tell you not to attack unless you are absolutely sure you can kill it. Now, if you come across an overconfident Cepter, show them the error of their ways. Just for emphasis, this ability out-earns Bandit by 2.5x, though it doesn't steal it from the opponent. This lowers its effectiveness to ~25% over the bearded thief, give or take the cost of the cards used in battle. You can also use Quicksand or a Holy Word enchantment to force their hand." - Russel09
"This combo is especially enjoyable when you force it on your opponent with Chariot." - Andyman

Gremlin Strange Air
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:60
Item Limit: Cannot use scrolls
Battle Start: Destroys opponent's item.
Storm Halberd Strange Weapon
ST+ (number of creatures in play x5). / Critical Hit:

"Nothing says 'hello' like a good B&E (breaking and entering)." - Russel09

Leshy Strange Earth
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:40
Defensive / Battle End: Raises level of battle territory by 1.
Silver Plow Strange Tool
ST+20 / HP+10 / Battle End: Raises level of battle territory by 1.

"Leshy levels up land at the end of combat. Silver Plow levels up land at the end of combat. If the Leshy is on a level 2 land, then you just boosted it to level 4 for only 70G." - Whooh05

Lunatic Hare Strange
ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30
Battle End: Swaps opponent's ST and HP values.
Ring of the Succubus Normal Tool
Attacks First / Attack Bonus: Opponent's base ST=0.

"Drain their ST to 0 and kill them at the end of combat." - Whooh05

Nightmare Strange Air
ST:30 HP:30 MHP:30 G:40+Air
Penetrates: All
Storm Spear
ST+20 / Critical Hit: When equipped creature is or .

"Penetrates + Critical Hit. In this case, 75 damage directly to the HP of the defending creature. Add Lord of Bane to the mix and it's 90. Not even Petrify Stone will stop that one." - Zen

Skeleton Normal
ST:30 HP:40 MHP:40 G:30
Necro Scarab Strange Tool
Upon Defeat: Transforms equipped creature into Skeleton.

"Oh man, you killed me... guess I'll just have to break out my... backup Skeleton!" - Andyman

ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30
In Battle: ST & HP= (random value between 10 and 70).
Spectre's Robe
ST & HP+ (random value between 10 and 70).

"Am I gonna be fighting a 20/20 creature or a 140/140 creature? No one knows." - Russel09

ST:0 HP:30 MHP:30 G:30
In Battle: ST & HP= (random value between 10 and 70).
Stormcauser Rare Weapon
ST+60 / HP-30

"Since Spectre changes before the weapon activates, you have ~58% chance of owning something." - Russel09

Sulfurous Balloon Fire
ST:10 HP:40 MHP:40 G:20+Fire
Item Limit: Cannot use scrolls
Upon Defeat: HP-40 to opponent's base HP.
Necro Scarab Strange Tool
Upon Defeat: Transforms equipped creature into Skeleton.

"Pop goes the skeleton!" - Whooh05

ST:20 HP:30 MHP:30 G:50+
Attacks twice.
Chilling Blast Rare Scroll
Scroll Attack: ST=(number of User's lands x10). / Scroll Critical Hit:

"This is just plain terrifying for Magma players." - Andyman

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Culdcept Revolt is coming to the West!!!

Rejoice, Culdcept fans! NIS America has answered your pleas - the outstanding Culdcept Revolt is coming to the Nintendo 3DS this summer! Hard to believe it's been nine years since Culdcept Saga was released here. Eagerly looking forward to playing it in English!

Here's more info about it:

*UPDATE* Pre-orders are up! Amazon | GameStop

*UPDATE 2* The official soundtrack is out! Harmonics

*UPDATE 3* The Limited Edition is available for pre-order! NIS America

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Mudslide (NG, 24/7/19)

Now that Culdcept Revolt is on its way to the West, I figure it's (probably long past) time to post my best Culdcept Saga decks for all to enjoy. Here's the first one, my very best free-for-all (FFA) match deck. I hope you enjoy it.

4 Living Rapier
3 Branch Army
2 Cockatrice
3 Hypno Sloth
2 Lichenoid
2 Mudman
2 Revenant
2 Sakuya
4 Spiny Agama

2 Boomerang
2 Catapult
3 Counter Amulet

4 Anti-Magic
2 Chariot
3 Crusher
4 Fame
2 Find
2 Paralyzer
2 Relief

My idea was to make a consistently fun Swiss Army deck, and I drew inspiration from powerbait's Targethis, PzKwIVG's Do-Dai, Whooh05's FastCash, and many others. I refined Mudslide over a long period of time and I'm pretty happy with it. It rarely loses a match, and even then it usually finishes a very close second. I can't recall any match where it's been blown out of the water. Here are some of the usual FFA challenges, with a bit about how Mudslide handles them:

  • Stay ready. It feels like everyone has a dozen Target Cepter spells in FFA, and if you're the best target, you're getting hit, period. 4x Anti-Magic prevents most of this abuse, and you'll hold Find and Boomerang most of the match. Even if you do lose some items, most of your land holders don't need item help anyway.

  • Counter other Cepters' enchantments. Hypno Sloth can overwrite common FFA enchantments like Trespass and Triumph pretty much on demand. They put it on, you wipe it off and push them onto something useful at the same time. Crusher and Anti-Magic also work great in a pinch.

  • Minimize creature threats. Paralyzer is the best Doublecast combo starter in Culdcept Saga, hands down. Crusher is a close second. Nobody ever seems to see a Chariot attack coming. Relief is the ultimate setup spell. Cockatrice and Revenant give people fits. Battering Ram gives the chicken insta-kill ability... you get the idea.

  • Keep your stuff. Along with helping you chain easily, Sakuya helps you keep high-level lands you take away from others. One TA hit from Lichenoid makes Spiny Agama really, really hard to deal with. Branch Army and Spiny Agama can both morph as needed. Also, ever tried to invade a Cockatrice, Revenant or Branch Army when Living Rapier is around? Yeah, not fun.

  • Fly under the radar. Lots of people play FFA aggressively, but that only makes you a big target. Invade only when it really matters and spread the leveling around to creatures that are difficult to kill (and fairly cheap!) - Mudman, Spiny Agama, Revenant. This tactic also helps...

  • Maximize G opportunities. Leveling one land way up is a bad idea in FFA. You will lose it, and it's hard to regain lost lands in FFA. With this deck, you can spread the G around and use Hypno Sloth's TA to push people into paying up more often. Start this plan ASAP and use Fame to fuel additional leveling and chaining - and increase your TG at a swift pace as a result.

On top of all that, Mudslide starts matches very fast, doesn't have trouble with Ivory Idol and gets progressively stronger as the match goes on.

Creature threats:

  • Sea Bonze - (especially with Land Protection) Mudslide doesn't have any creatures with naturally high ST, so you'll want to do a Paralyzer + Chariot kill ASAP.

  • Dhampir - His abilities are always hard to deal with for an Earth deck. Paralyzer is great, of course, and you can often get him to kill himself with Spiny Agama + Boomerang.

  • Goblin - If these guys start to take over, petrify as many as you can with Cockatrice. The more you make into Walls of Stone, the stronger you'll become. Also, Paralyze or kill Borgess on sight.

  • Frost Beast / Wonder Wall - Being mostly a 1-color deck, Mudslide struggles with their elemental neutralization. One fun way to handle them is to use Hypno Sloth to make other people fix the problem for you. Hehe!

  • Spud Folk - You'll make him into a huge grant program quickly, so turn Mr. Potato Head into a Wall right away, or kill him outright.

  • Marble Idol - There are some pretty popular FFA creatures in Mudslide, so Paralyze, petrify or kill this thing immediately, or you'll have a hard time.

  • Attacks First - If one or more opponents is using more Attacks First than you are, you'll likely have to crank up the aggression to deal with it. If they consistent hit you first, Living Rapier will be nearly useless.

Item threats:

  • Magma Armor - You'll provide anyone who uses this with a pretty insane HP boost. Crusher or just make them use it in a meaningless battle.

  • Gaseous Form / Counter Amulet / Earth Shield / Magma Counter - Like the creatures above, neutralization is irritating. Fortunately, you have two outstanding item-lures in Cockatrice and Revenant.

  • Blaster Ray - Yeah, you almost never see this, but since Mudslide has nothing to stop it in battle, you'll get warped off a land on occasion. Crusher before they can use it on you.

Spell threats:

  • Crusher Storm - This is pretty common in FFA. Lean on Living Rapier and Find if it's used often.

  • Freeze Cyclone / Frost Needle - Branch Army, Lichenoid, Sakuya and Spiny Agama are all vulnerable to these. Lichenoid's TA helps, and morphing Agama into Brontides helps offset the mass damage in battle too.

  • Dispel Magic - You see this more often in FFA than in 1v1, and it'll remove your Anti-Magic shield. Holding a spare Anti-Magic in hand cuts down the time you're exposed.

That pretty much covers it. Have fun!

Like this deck and want to build your own like it?

We've done the work for you! Click here to go straight to the Culdcept Saga Deck Builder and customize as you see fit! :-)

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Goblin Kingdom (NB, 23/6/21)

from the Official Guide

Concept: A book that floods the map with Goblins and uses Red Cap's ability to power up both creatures. A Culdcept classic.

Quick strategy: While placing and strengthening Neutral creatures, level up your Water territories as you can hold them in the early game with Apsaras and Giant Eel. By spamming the map with Goblins via Goblin's Lair, you can power up Red Cap to steal high-level enemy territories. If you can get a single Borgess out, then even no-cost Neutral creatures will have decent protection. The enemy's Neutral creatures will also get boosted, but you can deal with them with Armored Dragon's creature spell.

On small maps, it'll be easy for the enemy to deal with Goblins and Borgess early before you can really get started, even if you spam Goblin's Lair. So, the book works much better on larger maps with many branches. Halflings will be key to establishing chains as they naturally gain the land effect bonus and have protection from magic. In particular, they aren't susceptible to Holy Banishment.

Key Card: Halfling

2 Armored Dragon
2 Borgess
4 Goblin
3 Halfling
4 Living Armor
3 Red Cap
3 Apsaras
2 Giant Eel

2 Burning Heart
2 Golden Goose
2 Wonder Charm

1 Drain Magic
3 Goblin's Lair
2 Haste
2 Holy Word 8
2 Magic Shelter
2 Peace
2 Prophecy
1 Revival
2 Shatter
2 Water Shift
2 Wind of Hope

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